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This journal is for the ever evolving artsy side of me, Beadoodles! Most entries will be about wonderful artists I've found, purchased from or admire. There will be a few blurbs about me, my shop, or any great specials I'm running. This place is ever evolving, and I hope to introduce great changes in 2007!

Treasury East

Anyone been playing with the new Treasury East lately?  I want to see them! 

Here's mine ~ Of Aqua and Green

(one of my favorite images from it!)

And I was lucky enough to be included in this Ampersandland treasury by Keads


Now Beadeux and Isette are tied - both at 1238 sales.  I've got a reserved listing up a Beadeux, so it might hold on to the lead for a little bit, but I'm guessing within a day or two, Isette will come out ahead.


1) finally, my Isette Facebook page has a logical address: http://www.facebook.com/Isetteshop

2) OMG Renegade Austin is so close!  My first "seriously traveling to a show" show.  I'm excited that I'll be going, but I really have to pack my table things and figure out arrangements - am I shipping things South, checking them as baggage, what?  I wonder if shipping might not be cheaper at $25 for the first checked bag, $50 for the second!  But I digress, here's the info for Renegade Austin!

3) Some interesting stats on my three shops....Isette is fast overtaking the other two in sales!

Shop 1: Beadoodles.  Started August 22, 2005 (seriously, 5 years!?) - 1322 sales
Shop 2: Beadeux. Started April 14, 2007 - 1237 sales
Shop 3: Isette. Started January 18, 2008, but I didn't list my first item until December 15th, 2008 - 1226 items sold

I'm just in shock.  Over the last 5 years, I've sold almost 4,000 items on etsy, 2/3 of them being pieces I made with my own two hands.  I'm a bit in shock. 

Lucky Earrings from Isette!

I'm just squeaking these in for St. Pat's Day, but honestly, the Victorians loved their clovers.  In Victorian art, I've seen them mostly associated with New Year's Day.  (So, I guess it makes me late for that!)  Without further ado:

You're so lucky!

Jun. 30th, 2009

Google Analytics - June 2009 Google Analytics - June 2009

That big spike there? Washington post.

Washington Post ... click by?

My shop, Isette, has just gotten the highest amount of traffic I ever have on Etsy today, and I finally tracked it down to this post at the Washington Post, more specifically, Chatalogical Humor.  It's pretty far down, so let me quote from the update for today:

Springfield, Va.: If there were a single object that existed in the world, that could sum up everything that Gene hates and is against, I'm thinking it might look a little something like this...

Gene Weingarten: You're right!

I think the ring hit on two of his favorite rants - The "bourgeois tastes and lassitudinous habits of the American public -- advertising Americans to the world as fat, lazy, tasteless clods" and his ultimate dislike of large weddings ("He has called them unseemly, ostentatious celebrations of self."  Oh, both quotes are taken directly from the Chatalogical Humor FAQS )


I hope the satirical nature of the ring is appreciated.  Like the mustache ring and the spectacles ring, the hint ring is meant to be funny. I wish I could find the right words... It's meant to be a little commentary on weddings, engagements and the expected... I wonder if I could send Gene Weingarten one of the rings...he can destroy it as an effigy.

Such a quiet livejournal!

And I apologize. I've been really focusing on Isette this year, and Beadoodles is suffering. I have made a ton of really cute rings...but not much else. And it feels a little weird posting about Isette here on Beadoodles.

But, on the Isette front, the spectacles ring got posted in the Storque...and I'm shocked at the attention it's gotten. I've never had a piece in the Storque before under "related" and I got in the top slot, so it showed up on the front page as well.

I have Isette's website 80% up - I just need to finish a couple forms and maybe throw a blog on it. I'm not sure yet...I obviously don't keep up with this blog too regularly! 

Other than that, this last couple weeks I've spent adjusting to not having my impending MA thesis and Sampler contribution on the mind, so hopefully I can spend time clearing out small things I want to do, like figuring out flickr, finishing the website, listing new stuff at Beadoodles and perhaps putting some things on sale there (!)


I made a page for Isette in a fit of "go" a couple nights ago :)


I find this amusing because I still have an unedited Beadoodles facebook page from *months* ago. Hmmm...

Introducing Isette...

Mustache Ring by Isette
Mustache Ring by Isette
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Shop at 1000 Markets